Paper Cut Collaboration with Hello Laura Jane

Hello Laura Jane is the studio of the a talented paper cut artist, Laura Jane Baker. She's based out of Melbourne and I have been following her lovely and delicate work since before my first visit to Australia last year.

When Laura reached out to me about collaborating for her project with Craft Cubed, I was so delighted! Cut Between the Lines is a month-long public art collaboration where Laura is transforming line-based imagery into her intricate paper cut artworks. The works are displayed on her Instagram and then sent back to the creator at the end of the month.


1. The original artwork of ours that inspired Laura / 2. The first steps of her process

We chose to go with the calligraphy design above, a line of poetry by Canadian poet Natalie Wee that resonated with me deeply. I originally wrote it on a watercolour background done by our illustrator Irene.

This particular design works so well with paper cut art due to the overlapping strokes from the descending letters. I was aiming to capture the flickering movement of flames to evoke the word "blaze", without being too literal.


The process was super easy. I submitted the original black and white design to Laura, and before I knew it, she had completed the artwork and uploaded all these beautiful images to her Instagram. That gal is a speedy one!

I was truly taken aback by how precise she was with her technique - even down to the additional elongations she added to connect the words into one solid piece. She has an incredible sense of visual space.

I'm so excited to pick up the piece from Laura at month's end and display it in my studio for a daily dose of inspiration (and to finally meet her, after months of being in the same city).

She is still accepting submissions, so get on it right now! Submit your artwork, grocery list, or any line-based imagery before her project closes on August 31, 2017. And enjoy knowing that her cute kitty, Ninja, will be nearby while this incredible artistry is taking place.


*All photos by Laura Jane Baker, original artwork by Fox & Flourish

Check out Laura's Instagram @hellolaurajane to see more featured submissions.

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