New Work: 'One Love' Lyrical Canvas Piece for Ryan & Adele

It was early 2015 when videographer and artist Ryan (aka Arcade Original) first reached out to me about a potential collaborative project. 

We spent close to a year brainstorming ideas over ramen. He had such a creative mind, and we knew we wanted to go big! No biggie that he was also married to the equally inspiring Adele, who is the co-founder of a little fashion retail site you may have heard of called Garmentory (and by little, I mean BIG).

The pressure was totally on, until we finally decided on the One Love Project. Ryan and Adele chose the first verse from One Love by Nas on the iconic album Illmatic, which was conceived originally as a letter to Nas' incarcerated friend. 


1. The piece in its entirety / 2. Their lovely open kitchen and dining area

Over the course of a month, we searched for the largest canvas we could find to fit their amazing kitchen wall, where they decided to have it featured. Once the layout was finished, I projected the design onto the canvas, and Ryan filmed the design and painting process. A rough estimate of how long it took for just the painting portion was approximately 21 hours, not including the design sketches, editing, mock-up, projection tweaks, and pencilling-in time!

Here's what Adele had to say when asked about the artwork on her feature in Mother Mag. (Make sure to click through to the full interview and slideshow for more peeks into Adele's home, and insights into her life as a mother and business owner)

"We love music, so we knew we wanted lyrics. We had a hard time deciding which song to pick. We knew we wanted there to be a few f-bombs because we liked the contrast of the bad language mixed with really beautiful writing. He vetoed my idea of L.G.B.N.A.F."

1. Adele lookin' all kinds of stylish! / 2. Quote from her Mother Mag interview 

I don't want to reveal too much as we still have one more piece of the One Love Project puzzle in the works. Hint: it's a complete video exploration of how the collaboration came to be. Ryan cut together a little teaser which you can view here.

The canvas piece nestled in its home, alongside amazing plants and the best lighting.

Since the release of this interview, I've received a few inquiries for similar lyrical artworks. Working at this scale is my new favourite thing, so stay tuned for more project features!

For the curious folk: the materials used to create this piece were a canvas, pencil, Epson projector, Pentel Colour brush pen (to create the original design), size 2 round Princeton paint brush (for the painting portion), black acrylic ink, a long ruler, and lots of patience :)

Lastly, big ups to Britney Gill, who is the gal with the amazing eye behind the camera of each photo featured here.


*All photos by Britney Gill, taken for Mother Mag.

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