Introducing: Michelle Kwee, Our Vancouver Calligrapher & Instructor

Meet Michelle Kwee. She started her calligraphy journey as my first private student in 2014, and has since blossomed into a very talented calligraphy artist.

One of the first pieces she worked on as an apprentice, for a collaboration with Canadian Rocks [Photo by Nicole Wong]

Starting out as a studio apprentice for Fox & Flourish last year, she has now worked on calligraphy commissions, live lettering events for our clients L'Oreal and Montblanc, and she single-handedly runs the Vancouver workshops. It was truly a no brainer to bring her onto my team, which was originally just me and my dog Margot! 


1. Brush lettering overlay / 2. Handwritten thank you card in walnut ink 
3. Poem commission for our client Tessa featuring a curved baseline / 4. Recent commission

It's quite challenging to train someone else in your own style, especially since calligraphy is so unique to the individual. I think she has captured the F&F style to a tee, without sacrificing her own unique touches.

Envelope addressing for our client Kristin's wedding by Michelle.


1. Spanish castanet place cards - her first go at an "unconventional" surface / 2. A welcome sign mirror for her brother's wedding

Since I moved to Melbourne, Australia in March, she's been a total pillar of our little business as the Vancouver Calligrapher. I can't think of anyone I'd trust more with Fox & Flourish's clients and students back home in Canada. 


1. Gorgeous shot of Michelle in beautiful BC! / 2. Three-column calligraphy on seating chart cards for Caroline's wedding written by Michelle.

We are so lucky to have her creating and teaching in beautiful Vancouver, BC. It makes a huge difference to our business that we can continue to provide services to our Canadian clients, new and old, as I pave my way here in Australia. Definitely check out her Instagram @michellekwee for amazing travel photos and of course, calligraphy project sneak peeks!


*All photos and work by Michelle Kwee unless otherwise noted


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