Inspiration: Cy Twombly

Cy Twombly, 1966 by Horst P.Horst 

From the very beginning, I've been utterly inspired by Cy Twombly's work. Whenever I run into a creative road block, all I have to do is a quick search of his artwork and I'm fuelled for another round.

Of course, the first aspect of his work that caught my eye was his distinct handwriting. It's arresting and present across many of his paintings, whether in the form of a simple signature, or as an immovable part of the painting itself.


 1. "Peonies" / 2. "Wilder Shores of Love", 1985

The visual "mess" and imperfect nature of these scrawls and paintings encourages me to experiment past the typical confines that come packaged with calligraphy as a practice. I completely appreciate and even thrive under carefully considered rules, however, when it comes to new ideas, I find that an open headspace is key to true creation.

Frantic scrawls reminiscent of calligraphic oval drills.

What else? I'm quite enamoured by the way he describes life, nature, and its relationship to art. I'll end off with this Cy Twombly quote (one that captures his essence perfectly): 

"Maybe it's that a lot of people aren't particularly attracted to nature. A lot of people have no knowledge of plants, trees, botany and things. I knew a poet who was totally ignorant about botany. And I said: you can't be a poet without knowing any botany or plants and things like that; it's impossible, that's the first thing you should know."

Who is your go-to artist for an instant injection of inspiration? I'd love to know.


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