Brand Love Letter: The Ordinary by DECIEM

I've been wanting to highlight a few of the amazing brands we admire here at FF for a while now. I figure a partially handwritten journal entry is the perfect way to do it - a mini love letter to our Dream Clients, if you will!

First on the roster is a relatively new beauty brand called The Ordinary, by the larger umbrella DECIEM. Their company philosophy is unique in its simplicity: to celebrate integrity (in an industry that is more often than not, lacking it), and to drive new clinical technologies that work.


Our team is particularly fond of the Hyaluronic Acid + B5 serum, with both our illustrator Irene and myself using it in our daily routines. We love how quickly it absorbs into the skin, and how light it feels under moisturiser.

I first found out about the brand while researching dupes for the Glossier serums. I loved Super Bounce, which I acquired in at the New York flagship, but they weren't shipping to Canada at the time. The Ordinary's serum was identical, a fraction of the price, and did not contain silicone! Total winner in my books.


Another product on regular rotation for Irene is the Argan Oil.

Her review: It's a life-saver for me because of my dry and flaky skin. However, the smell is a bit strong, so I don't recommend it to people who are sensitive to strong fragrances.

I had fun scribbling the word "ordinary", which is a challenging one to get right. Above are some of the outtakes from the dedicated digital calligraphy session for this post. I'm particularly fond of the juicy middle draft.

Have you tried any products from this brand? Next on my list is the Rosehip Oil, as I've heard magical things.


PS. This is not a sponsored post.

Product photos from ASOS, calligraphy by me.

Feature photo in use from Angela's Tumblr.

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